One day will all laboratories be built like this?

One day will all laboratories be built like this?

One day will all laboratories be built like this?

Puretech AstraZeneca

The innovative high integrity delivery systems we recently designed and delivered for a ground-breaking biomedical facility make flexi lab working and off-site construction a reality.

Flexible Laboratories

The scale of the gas delivery system which uses over 75,000 metres of copper pipework to supply more than 3000 outlets in the laboratories is impressive in itself but what differentiates it is the flexibility it offers. Outlets connect to special flexible hoses, making it possible to reconfigure the layout of the laboratory and safely deliver the gases required to wherever they are needed, or to add additional lines. The couplings between the hoses and taps are specific to the gas to be supplied to avoid cross contamination and the various threats to health and safety that may result from this. This innovative solution means that, although this is a high specification specialist system, modifications can be carried out by on-site maintenance with no compromise to the system’s integrity and without specialist intervention.

Off Site Construction 

In addition to the gas delivery system, we designed and delivered turnkey high integrity distribution systems for purified water, liquid nitrogen, super critical fluid (SCF), clean steam, solvent delivery and waste collection plus a hydrogenation suite. To make the installation as efficient as possible we built an innovative system of pipework cassettes populated with blocks of quick connect points for the flexi hoses. Once on site the cassettes were loaded into modules, with up to 10 pipes on each module carrying gases plus power, chilled water, sprinkler system etc. By minimising the amount of work required onsite we were able to significantly reduce time on site, ensure that we delivered on schedule and minimise disruption to other aspects of the build.

As the recognised market leader in our field, we are unique in our ability to deliver both purified water and laboratory gas delivery systems to large scale projects. This recent contract demonstrates the range of our capabilities, our innovative approach and our dedication to delivering systems with zero compromise on integrity or aesthetics, which deliver the gas or liquid they are designed for safely and purely.

Delivering in record time for coronavirus wards at Epsom University Hospital

Delivering in record time for coronavirus wards at Epsom University Hospital

Delivering in record time for coronavirus wards at Epsom University Hospital

Epsom Hospital workers on site

Project: Epsom University Hospitals Covid-19 Wards

Client: Interserve / Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals

Timing: 25th – 28th March 2020

Value: £1.6M

Medical Gases completed a project, including over 1000 meters of pipework, in less than a week to boost oxygen supplies to the coronavirus wards at Epsom University Hospital.



In early March 2020 Medical Gases was contacted by Interserve for a project to increase the supply of oxygen to two maternity wards at Epsom University Hospital, which were being converted to provide accommodation for coronavirus patients during the pandemic.


The challenge

Supplying the required oxygen to the wards necessitated running 54mm oxygen main pipework from the existing main through the occupied hospital, including installing pipework along the ambulance corridor being used to admit coronavirus patients.

Epsom Hospital workers on site

Working through the night to deliver a solution

To save disruption to hospital staff and patient traffic, Medical Gases carried out the installation at night. A team of 15 people worked from 5pm to 5am on three consecutive nights to complete the run of 1000 metres of pipework. The contract, which would ordinarily take around a month in an occupied hospital, took less than a week from instruction to commissioning. The speed and quality of the installation is wholly attributable to the skill, knowledge and commitment of the Medical Gases team, who draw on the experience gained from the company’s 37 years’ experience of delivering this type of contract.

Throughout the work, to protect themselves and others, the Medical Gases team had to wear full PPE, disinfect their tools daily, go through a post work regime of showering and washing their work clothes and at the end of the contract they had to isolate for a week.

This completion of the Epsom Hospital contract in record time is an achievement to be proud of. The team worked long hours under very challenging conditions, and at potential risk to their own health, to ensure that coronavirus wards were up and running as quickly as possible, knowing that without oxygen the facilities could not function. We are very proud of them and grateful to their families for their support.


Following the successful completion of the Epsom Hospital system, Medical Gases carried out  projects to provide oxygen for covid-19 provisions at the Dragon’s Heart Hospital at the Principality Stadium and the Royal London Hospital. We are immensely proud of all our staff, who have worked so hard to deliver, and showed their commitment in such challenging circumstances, and are grateful to the suppliers who went above and beyond to support them. Thank you all.

Providing critical oxygen delivery system to Dragon’s Heart Hospital

Providing critical oxygen delivery system to Dragon’s Heart Hospital

Providing critical oxygen delivery system to Dragon’s Heart Hospital

Dragon Heart COVID ward under construction

Project: Dragon’s Heart Hospital Principality Stadium

Client: N G Bailey / Cardiff & Vale University Health Board

Timing: April 2020

Value: £1.6M


Without oxygen the Dragon’s Heart Hospital, conceived as a response to the coronavirus pandemic, could not function. Demonstrating outstanding commitment, the Medical Gases’ team designed, delivered and installed a system serving 1586 beds at the Dragon’s Heart Hospital in the Principality Stadium in just four weeks.



In light of the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, and the rising number of confirmed cases testing positive for Covid-19, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board identified that additional bed space would be needed to accommodate patients in the area.

The Principality Stadium was identified as a suitable venue to accommodate the anticipated increase in demand, and Ysbyty Calon y Ddraig – the Dragon’s Heart Hospital was conceived.

It took Medical Gases just three weeks (9th – 30th April) to install the oxygen terminals essential to the scheme, leaving a week free for commissioning to successfully deliver the project by the 7th May deadline.


The Challenge

The main challenge in delivering oxygen to terminals for the planned 2000 headspaces at the Dragon’s Heart Hospital was time. The hospital needed to be operational within weeks rather than months. Typically, a project of this scales takes two to three years to deliver, Dragon’s Heart had to be delivered in four weeks, from Medical Gases receiving the order to the system being operational. Working within the guidance and restrictions imposed as a response to Covid-19 added an additional complication to a challenging timetable and this was compounded by the Managing Director (On site project managing) contracting Covid-19 in the second week of the contract, followed by the company’s Technical Director, a commissioning engineer, senior project engineer and several members of the workshop team.


The Solution


  • Planning

Medical Gases did a considerable amount of organising so that on Thursday 20th February, when the order was received, the team were able to divert resources, including labour, plant, equipment and materials, from other projects immediately.


  • Manpower – mobilised and prepared

Medical Gases’ forward planning meant that 40 members of the team were immediately on the project. To complete the project Medical Gases’ labour manager arranged over 50 operatives on site. A further five project managers, four supervisors, two directors, a labour manager, a logistics manager and a support team of people in the office, in the factory and making deliveries were involved.

The logistics involved in achieving this included ensuring those on site had to be put through the necessary induction sessions, provided with access passes and PPE, found accommodation etc. All this was achieved in just three weeks.

To ensure as few delays as possible in getting the people and resources required on site, everyone involved in the project was issued with a document to present to police etc. as required, identifying them as carrying out essential work.


  • Working together

The delivery of Dragon’s Heart Hospital highlighted the value of the excellent working relationships Medical Gases has worked hard to build and maintain during its Thirty Severn years in the business:

Predictably, securing the necessary supplies during the Covid-19 shutdown was challenging and Medical Gases’ relationships with suppliers were paramount. Medical equipment manufacturer Precision UK in Stockport, whilst working under extreme pressure supplying the majority of the coronavirus emergency hospitals, still managed to manufacture the necessary medical equipment and provide the pipework, without which Medical Gases would not have been able to complete the project.

In the same way that Medical Gases has invested in building relations with suppliers, it has worked hard at developing its relations and reputation with the companies it works for. Which is how main contractor, N G Bailey approached Medical Gases for Dragon’s Heart.

Appreciating the need to properly look after those working on site delivering the contract, N G Bailey organised the re-opening of hotels to accommodate workers, arranging a room only service to stay within the shutdown guidance. They also arranged a free of charge temporary kitchen and dining room open from 7am to 2am on site, providing food and drink for workers 19 hours per day.

Dragon Heart COVID ward under construction
Dragon Heart COVID ward under construction

Knowledge and commitment

Few, if any, other companies could have achieved what Medical Gases has at the Principality Stadium. Being able to mobilise such a knowledgeable, committed team in such a short time is only possible when you have the longevity and scale inspire the loyalty that Medical Gases does. The company has worked hard over the last Thirty Severn plus business, developing relationships and knowledge, which means it can respond quickly and effectively when a challenge such as this presents itself.

Both onsite and offsite, the Medical Gases team pulled together to ensure the success of the project.

 For those on site, working under extreme pressure in terms of timing meant working fast and working long hours whilst maintaining Medical Gases standard of workmanship. One worker covered 47 000 steps in his shift, like most running around the site to get the job done. 12- 14 hour shifts meant staying away from home for three to four weeks continually, living in a hotel room where, for the safety of the hotel staff, there was no cleaning or room services.

“The commitment of the staff was a key factor. Everyone worked seven days a week. Everyone went the extra mile, whether that meant jumping in the car to deliver a part to Wales or anything else. I am so proud of my team and grateful to them. What they have achieved is incredible.”

Andrew Barrett, Managing Director


Maintaining Purity

Medical Gases is justly proud of delivering the Dragon’s Heart Hospital on schedule but as important as meeting the timing is ensuring the quality of the delivery. The project had to be signed off by the NHS Trust’s pharmacist, without which the facility is not fit for use, so all quality standards had to meet the pharmacist’s requirements. The project was signed off with no issues and exactly on time.


Medical Gases delivered this significant project at a speed not previously thought possible, and with no compromise on quality. It is a testament to all those involved. The Dragon’s Heart Hospital contract ran concurrently with a project to provide oxygen to the Royal London Hospital. We are immensely proud of all our staff, who have worked so hard to deliver, and showed their commitment in such challenging circumstances, and are grateful to the suppliers who went above and beyond to support them. Thank you all.