Puretech pre-treatment systems are the ultimate solution for treating mains water ready for purification. 

As market leaders in the design and delivery of raw water pre-treatment systems, Puretech has installed solutions all over the world, each one individually designed and engineered to treat the local water in local conditions to provide the first step of treatment and protection to the water purification technology.

The production of water for pharmaceutical use (WPU) requires potable water. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the purification of the water to obtain potable water depends on the source of raw feed water for the system. The feed water available for the production of pharmaceutical waters usually contains different concentrations of solids in suspension and contaminants which must be removed before feeding the equipment for pure water production. These contaminants or compounds are usually oxides of iron and manganese, calcium, magnesium, solids in suspension of various sizes, soluble salts, organic compounds etc..

The retention devices commonly used in pre-treatment are:

  • Multimedia filters
  • Duplex softeners
  • Particulate filters
  • Dosing of chlorine, NaOH, metabisulphite.

Puretech’s modular raw water pre-treatment systems, which are skid mounted and manufactured in the UK, are designed according to the local characteristics of the incoming raw water. Pre-treatment systems ensure that all contaminants or compounds are removed from water in its raw state prior to the purification process. Typically, pre-treatment includes water softening, for hard water areas, chlorine removal, and particulate filtering, all stages of which are imperative for the safe running and longevity of the generation systems.

With over thirty years of experience in the design and delivery of pre-treatment systems and as the manufacturers of the GENYSYS, ASEPSYS and OASYS purification systems, we have an unparalleled understanding of the requirements of clients requiring pharmaceutical grade water, steam and gas systems across the globe.

Related Products

Puretech’s innovative generation systems, OASYS and GENESYS WFI,  facilitate the production of purified and WFI, complying with all relevant pharmacopeia standards.

OASYS (chemical sanitisation)

OASYS is a chemical sanitisation system that provides a single source solution for taking raw water purified water. Find out more.

GENESYS WFI (thermal sanitisation)

GENESYS is the ultimate water purification system – a thermal sanitisation system that provides a single source solution for taking raw water to WFI quality.

GENESYS and OASYS were industry firsts in offering start to finish purification in one unit and established Puretech as the recognised market leader in this field. We strive to maintain this position through sustained innovation and faultless delivery.


AstraZeneca Research and Development Centre

Puretech engineered and installed a purified water to system at the AstraZeneca Research and Development Centre, Cambridge , taking raw water from the mains through pre-treatment and purification using OASYS units. The purified water, which is stored in a 5000-litre tank, is distributed via a stainless-steel ring main to user points in the laboratories