About Us

Puretech is a British engineering company providing pioneering purity systems worldwide.

Puretech Process Systems is a British engineering company based in London providing pioneering high purity systems worldwide. For over four decades we have created and cared for the delivery of vital purified water, pure steam, high purity gases, medical gases and process systems at medical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and research facilities throughout the world.

Part of the Indutrade group, a £2 billion multi-national company incorporating nearly 250 specialist companies and providing a wealth of resource and financial backing to give customers the stability they demand.

We deliver industry leading bespoke turnkey systems that provide clients with a unique single source solution for their high purity systems requirements. Every system is designed and commissioned to deliver precisely what the client requires.

World leading projects. We’re proud to have delivered our part in creating facilities which lead their field in research, medicine and pharmaceuticals: these include the Francis Crick Institute, AstraZeneca Research & Development Centre, Cambridge and B Braun, Malaysia.

Our vision, skill and commitment to delivering purity sets us apart. We know that total integrity of execution from us is essential to our clients and the amazing things they achieve so that is what we are committed to delivering.

We aim to build and strengthen Puretech’s position as an international leader on a worldwide platform, delivering pioneering new approaches to our purity systems. We will continue to commit to the improvement and advancement in our existing areas of expertise and innovate in new and not yet even imagined applications.

We are justly proud of our ability to deliver excellence and our commitment to seeking out, exploring and creating new solutions, and this is the cornerstone for Puretech’s future.

In-House Capabilities

From design to validation, Puretech utilises its vast wealth of experience and expertise to deliver bespoke control and delivery systems.

Design and estimation
Project management
Systems engineering
Systems installation
Testing and commissioning
Systems validation


Puretech offers product and system solutions to clients in the following sectors:

Food and beverage manufacturing


Our Code of Conduct

The core values that we expect our employees and those working on our behalf to understand and uphold to ensure that we do business in a legal, ethical and responsible manner.

Health and Safety

Puretech is committed to protecting the members of our team and anyone affected by our work in all places and at all times.


We are committed to seeking out, exploring and creating new solutions, which we believe is the cornerstone for our future success.


Our ambition is to make sustainability a consideration of every project we undertake and the way in which we conduct our business.


Puretech endorses and delivers to the exacting requirements of the governing bodies for the sectors we serve and all relevant legislation and guidance for the countries we operate in.