Puretech is a world leader in the design, engineering and installation of purity systems, offering the very best in British engineering. The comprehensive and complimentary range of services we offer means that we often provide several solutions on one site, with all the benefits of simplicity that this brings to our clients. We are unique in having the expertise to offer this.

Water & Steam Systems

The purified water and steam delivery systems we supply to hospitals, research facilities and laboratories throughout the world are unrivalled in design and execution and fully validated.

  • Water & Steam Systems
  • Pre-Treatment
  • Purified Water
  • Water For Injection
  • Pure Steam
  • Storage & Distribution
  • Laboratory Water
    • Type I – Laboratory Water
    • Type II – Laboratory Water
    • Type III – Laboratory Water
  • Mobile Water Solutions

Gas Delivery Systems

We are world leaders in gas delivery systems, with more than 40 years’ experience in medical gas delivery systems for hospitals, research facilities and laboratories.

  • Medical Gases
  • Laboratory Gases
  • Centralised Dental Air and Vacuum
  • Toxic, Corrosive, Pyrophoric and Hazardous Special Gases

Specialist Systems

We are proud of our reputation for innovation and engineering excellence and our ability to anticipate and meet the specialist requirements of our clients. If you have a requirement please get in touch.

  • Helium Quench Pipe Systems
  • Ultra-High Vacuum Systems
  • Bio-Waste Decontamination Systems
  • Argon Recovery Systems
  • Gas Recovery and Recycling

Process Installations

Puretech delivers bespoke, turnkey solutions for a wide variety of process installations including:

  • High Purity Bulk Gas Installations
  • Chemical Systems
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech Systems
  • CDA (Clean Dry Air)
  • Process Gases
  • Vacuum Lines
  • Product Transfer Lines


Our range of off-the-shelf products includes, GENESYS, GENESYS WFI, OASYS, ASEPSYS, ArgonØ (argon recovery) and NitrogenØ (nitrogen recovery).

Service and Maintenance

To ensure optimum performance of our systems we recommend regular servicing. Where there are health and safety implications of a system failure regular servicing and correct maintenance is obviously critical.

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Water Distillation & Pure Steam Generation Systems

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