Purified Water

Puretech offers world leading Purified Water generation systems for the pharmaceutical & Biopharma markets.

Puretech’s innovative, fully validated water generation systems convert softened water to Purified Water within one multi-technology unit, ensuring a continuous supply of Purified Water that meets all worldwide Pharmacopoeial standards.


Purified water is widely used in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries both in production and for washing equipment, containers etc.

Water does not exist in pure form in nature due to its ability to absorb, suspend or dissolve various compounds. Even clean drinking water from the mains has a level of bugs and minerals which must be removed to produce water for pharmaceutical use (WPU) .

WPU is classified according to how the pharmaceutical product is administered to the patient, with classifications detailed in various pharmacopoeias (European Pharmacopoeia, United States Pharmacopoeia, Japanese Pharmacopoeia, etc.).

The types of pharmaceutical water are:

  • Purified Water (PW), which can be stored at room temperature
  • Water for Injection (WFI) which is has the highest purity possible.

Puretech offers three innovative  water generation systems, GENESYS, ASEPSYS and OASYS, for the production of purified water complying with all relevant pharmacopeia standards.

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OASYS (chemical sanitisation)

OASYS is a chemical sanitisation system that provides a single source solution for taking raw water to purified water. Find out more.

ASEPSYS (thermal sanitisation)

ASEPSYS is a thermally sanitised system that provides a single source solution for taking softened water to purified water. Find out more.

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GENESYS (thermal sanitisation)

GENESYS is a PREMIUM, fully-automated purified water generation system – a thermal sanitisation system that provides a single source solution for taking raw water to purified water. Designed and built in the UK to meet the requirements of Tier A pharma and biopharma companies . Find out more

GENESYS and OASYS were industry firsts in offering start to finish purification in one unit and established Puretech as the recognised market leader in this field. We strive to maintain this position through sustained innovation and faultless delivery. The addition of the ASEPSYS to the range, offering an alternative to the premium GENESYS thermal sanitisation system, is proof of our commitment to innovate to meet client demands.



AstraZeneca Research and Development Centre

Puretech engineered and installed a purified water to system at the AstraZeneca Research and Development Centre, Cambridge , taking raw water from the mains through pre-treatment and purification using OASYS units. The purified water, which is stored in a 5000-litre tank, is distributed via a stainless-steel ring main to user points in the laboratories.

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