Process Installations

Puretech delivers bespoke, turnkey solutions for a wide variety of process installations.

Puretech offers the very best in British design and engineering. We bring over thirty years of knowledge and experience to delivering solutions for clients.

Puretech provides bespoke solutions for a range of applications:

We supply high purity orbitally welded distribution piping to supply high tech facilities from cryogenic or cylinder pack storage. Helium mass spectrometer leak checked, particle counted and purity levels analysed.

We supply PFA (perfluoroalkoxy) dual contained and orbitally welded stainless steel piping systems for the distribution of acid and solvent from bulk chemical dispense systems to wet benches and process tools.

We have over three decades experience of designing, project managing and installing validated water purification, storage and distribution systems for many pharmaceutical companies and for other markets.

As a principle contractor for turnkey packages or as a sub-contractor, we can design, project manage, install, validate and commission using our in-house team of experienced project managers, engineers and expert welders.

All of our installations worldwide adhere to current manufacturing and regulatory guidelines including from ISPE, cGMP, EP, USP and JP.




Demanding high tech industries require clean dry air to ensure there is no detriment to their product or equipment. In our CDA systems air is typically supplied from oil free compressors and distributed through stainless steel or degreased copper tubing.

We design and supply the small bore, orbitally welded electropolished stainless steel lines  required to ensure the supply of high purity toxic and corrosive gases to process equipment whilst maintaining the purity and cleanliness required. Typically these are served by gas cylinder cabinets.

For semiconductor and high tech facilities which require large bore stainless steel piping to connect vacuum pumps to process equipment we supply  high integrity lines with very low leak rates and pump exhaust lines installed to the same standard for pumping toxic and corrosive gases.

We supply clean stainless steel, hygienic,  leak free piping systems to ensure the transfer of finished product without loss or contamination. These are designed to withstand being routinely sterilised and subjected to CIP (clean in place).