Mobile Water Purification

Temporary water generation and treatment solutions for all pharmaceutical applications.

Puretech is proud to offer mobile solutions for your pharmaceutical facility for temporary supply of Pre-Treated Water, Purified Water and Water for Injection, available for short or long term rental.


Our mobile, validated solutions are ideal for:


  • Planned existing water system upgrades or refurbishment to cover:
    • Installation
    • Commissioning
    • Validation
  • Short-term increase in manufacturing

A new product or contract that may require your facility to temporarily increase its purified water capacity, rather than spend capital on a new system, simply rent whilst you’re manufacturing the product.

  • Planned system maintenance

If you can’t afford to stop manufacturing, rent a system whilst your existing one is having maintenance, so you don’t lose any revenue.

  • Emergency cover for system failure

Old system catastrophically failed? Rent a system to reduce your loss of revenue and whilst you’re planning to replace the old one.

  • Obsolescence concerns

If you have worries over your current system’s obsolescence, where spare parts are no longer available or supported by the manufacturer, remove the risk and rent a system that is up-to-date and supported.

Our temporary systems are manufactured to current EP, USP & JP guidelines and are fully validated. They are manufactured in the UK and are installed, commissioned and serviced by our own engineers.

Choose the temporary system to suit your needs:

  • Genesys™ offers a true single source for the complete water purification cycle, using heat sanitisation to take raw water to purified water to USP, EP and JP standards.
  • Oasys™ is a chemical sanitisation system that provides a single source solution for taking raw water to purified water complying with all relevant pharmacopeia standards. It has been developed to complement GENESYS™, offering a chemically sanitised version of the GENESYS™ with a simpler GAMP 4 compliant control system. The unit can be validated up to USP and EP standards with a full FAT being carried out at our UK engineering works.
  • Genesys™ WFI  is our world leading water for injection purification unit, used worldwide in the pharmaceutical, research and medical applications to facilitate the production of WFI complying with all relevant pharmacopeia standards.
  • Pre-treament Skid Our modular raw-water pre-treatment units are designed to ensure that all contaminants or compounds are removed from water in its raw state prior to further purification. The units are designed according to the characteristics of the incoming raw water and the requirements of the following purification processes. Typically, pre-treatment includes water softening, for hard water areas, and filtering.

All temporary system contracts are completely bespoke, flexible and tailored around our customer’s requirements.  We can offer an ‘on-site’ solution where we can install temporary systems in an existing plant room or if required we can provide containerised systems. We’ll carry out a site survey free of charge and offer fixed prices for easy budgeting.

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