Helium Quench Pipe Systems

Puretech helium quench pipe systems provide a vital role in the safe operation of MRI scanners.

The gas used in an MRI scanner is potentially lethal and so a helium quench pipe system designed to extract the gases and vent directly and safely in to the environment, is essential.  We respect the need to provide a first-class, faultless service and system.

Helium quench pipe systems are essential in any MRI scanner installation.

The magnets in the MRI scanners are cooled with liquid helium. As helium turns to gas and expands rapidly at temperatures above -260° C the system requires a safety valve and quench pipe to ensure that in the unlikely event of the helium turning to gas it will be safely dispersed outside the building.

We engineer and install quench pipes, designed to withstand extreme cold, to provide this safety measure.


Papworth Hospital

Papworth Hospital is the UK’s largest specialist cardiothoracic hospital. Its Radiology Department uses state-of-the-art imaging technology and facilities, including a CT and MRI scanner,  and images over 50,000 patients each year service, playing a key role in the diagnosis of all cardiothoracic conditions.

We have engineered and installed a quench pipe to provide for the safe dispersal of helium to ensure the safe use of the MRI scanner at Papworth.