Free webinar: Water for Injection – Today’s Choices

Multi-Effect, Vapour Compression and Membrane Technology, all tried and tested methods of obtaining WFI, but which system is best for your facility and what are the considerations when choosing a new system?

21st OCTOBER 10am GMT

Why attend?

Water for Injection (WFI) is used for many applications within the pharma sector, and during the pandemic, with vaccine manufacturing at the forefront of everyone’s minds, WFI generation systems are in high demand and everyone it seems, has a requirement for WFI. Facilities have suddenly found the need to increase their capacity or add the ability to produce WFI but aren’t ‘up to speed’ with current regulations, trends or even what should be considered when it comes to specifying a new system in terms of their own specific needs, operational costs, CAPEX and even maintenance.

We will provide an overview of the core technologies available today and give an independent review of the advantages and disadvantages of each system type. Covering the obvious, CAPEX and OPEX comparisons but also the pros and cons of design features and potential risks to water quality and how we can reduce the perceived risks to water quality by improving sanitisation and introducing more real-time monitoring.

We will run through other points that must be considered when choosing a system, such as service and maintenance but also how the WFI is being used, at what times of the day and at what temperature, ambient or hot.

If you are looking to increase your WFI generating capacity or are looking at WFI generation for the first time, we will provide you with the relevant information to help you decide what solution is best for your facility, considering all the options.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Technology Options available on today’s market
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of different technologies
  • OPEX comparisons of different technologies
  • Other things that need to be considered when choosing a new system


Target Audience


  • Associate Principal Scientist
  • Director
  • Chief Technical Officer
  • Business Development
  • Engineering And Operations
  • Manufacturing
  • Operations & Project Development
  • Project Management
  • Project Operations
  • Facilities
  • Governance
  • Plant Engineer
  • Research
  • Process Engineering & Process Safety
  • Product Director & Operations
  • Senior Vice President
  • Vice President
  • Engineering
  • Technical Customer Service
  • Technology


James Steptoe - Puretech

James Steptoe
Global Sales Manager

James started his career as a pipefitter in the Renal Dialysis sector, installing water distribution systems and water treatment and purification plant. His role developed soon after into project managing these types of installations. During this time his role developed into service and maintenance, and he was responsible for planned and preventative maintenance on renal dialysis water treatment and purification systems.

In 2011 James incorporated his own business (JWS Water Engineering) which had exclusivity in the UK & Ireland for the distribution, installation, and service of Lauer Water Technologies products. These products were specifically designed for the Renal Dialysis sector and as MD, James over saw the Sales, Business Development and operations of the Business.

B. Braun acquired Lauer & JWS in 2014 and James continued to manage the day-to-day ‘Water Business’ and was responsible for Business Development, Technical and Product Manager for B. Braun. He also rolled out in-house training for the wider B. Braun business.

James joined Veolia Water Technologies in 2017 as their Business Development Manager responsible for the capital sales of pharmaceutical-grade PW, WFI, PS and wastewater systems in the UK. During this time was speaker at the Making Pharmaceuticals conference covering subjects such as WFI and wastewater re-use.

In 2019 James joined Puretech to take responsibility of the global sales and marketing of all products and manages their network of global agents and distributors.

John Parks - Puretech

John Parks
Development Director

John commenced his career as a Biochemist, before entering Industry in various Business development roles. In 1992 John joined the US. Filter organisation (now Veolia Water Technologies) and was involved in developing the UK Pharmaceutical business market before going on to take on responsibility for training of both staff and clients on Water purification technologies and applications.

In 1998 John joined the BWT/Christ organization to set up and develop the UK operations, focusing on development of the Pharmaceutical water business. John has been involved in all aspects of Purified water and Water for Injection projects from Project management, process and control system design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, validation, training, as well as aftersales support.

John has a wide range of experience and expertise in Pharmaceutical Water systems and has lectured at ISPE, Parenteral Society, Management forum, and Honeyman water training events as well as on numerous training courses for end users.

John joined Puretech in 2003 to take responsibility for development of products and to offer expert support to new and existing customers in the field of Water Purification.