Raw water to points of use, a single source solution for Albumedix

Puretech is proud to have provided a large scale, integrated system for producing pyrogen free water for pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturer Albumedix. The new system has increased capacity and removed a bottleneck in the production of Albumedix’ unique USP-NF compliant Recombinant Human Albumin, ultimately enabling the system to run 24/7 and meet increased demand.

The delivery of the new Albumedix pharmaceutical-grade water system, procured and managed by Scitech Engineering as the EPCV main contractor, was originally tendered as three packages: i) water generation, ii) storage and distribution skid, iii) installation of the distribution loops. Puretech is one of the only companies worldwide that has the ‘in-house’ capabilities to deliver all three packages, providing Albumedix and Scitech with a single specialist supplier taking full responsibility from the incoming raw water supply all the way through to the points of use within the manufacturing facility.

Puretech’s successful delivery on previous projects working alongside Scitech and their ability to deliver the whole project were both contributory factors in winning the contract but so too was Albumedix’s first-hand experience of the Puretech team’s service capabilities and willingness to work collaboratively to help find effective solutions.