Meet Manuel Montiel – Proposals Manager

My role at Puretech Process Systems is so varied. My main responsibility is the design of pharmaceutical water systems, this includes the pre-treatment, generation (Purified Water & Water for Injection) and storage & distributions systems. I work from Barcelona where I live, although I am originally from Seville.

Our systems are sold globally, and I work closely with the sales team to review customer specifications and prepare proposals, sizing and designing our systems based on the customers’ requirements on the following equipment:
·      Pre-Treatment
·      PW Generation (RO/CEDI)
·      WFI Generation (RO/CEDI/UF)
·      Storage & Distribution inc. Heat/Ozone/Steam
·      Process systems

I also support the wider business which includes working with the project engineering and project management teams that are responsible for building our systems.

To ensure we are giving the best possible design, the best possible system, and our price is as competitive as possible, much of my time is spent liaising with our suppliers to ensure our prices are up-to-date for components and equipment. I’m also helping to develop our proposal generation procedure and system to ensure we are using the most up to date software and are working as efficiently as possible.

I regularly liaise with the sales team with technical advice and support both remotely and face to face at client sites or at Puretech’s offices.

I started my career at a Radiopharmaceuticals production facility. It’s said that exposure to radioactivity has granted me some superpowers, but they’re yet to be discovered!

I have worked in many different areas within manufacturing companies, from sales and purchasing, to project management and site supervision.

Away from work I have many hobbies including reading, video games, walking and hiking. I love music and try to attend as many concerts as I can. I am also an avid player of board games; I own over 50!