Meet Kristoffer Macbenta, CAD Designer at Puretech Process Systems

As a CAD Designer Kristoffer’s role includes creation, development and modification of detailed technical drawings and models using specialised 3D software. He also collaborates with engineers and other professionals to translate concepts, ideas, and specifications into accurate and precise visual representations.

Kristoffer is originally from the Philippines but made the decision to migrate to the UK to embrace a new culture and environment, which he says has been a fulfilling journey for him and has given him the opportunity to connect with diverse professionals who share his passion for design.
Over the years, Kristoffer has become proficient in conceptualising, designing, and executing projects from start to finish. He excels in problem-solving, time management, and attention to detail from creating intricate models or designing functional prototypes.

Kristoffer likes collaborating with other like-minded individuals and says “I’m constantly inspired by the possibilities that emerge when artistry and technology converge. I strive to push the boundaries of what’s possible and leave a lasting impact in the CAD design industry.”