We hope we deliver as we promise but it’s always good to have it confirmed. Here’s some gratifying feedback we have received in the last few weeks from the UK and abroad.

“I would like to take some moment to talk about the FAT. I was very much impressed how the FAT went so well. It happened primarily because of the well-built and well tested machine. But a lot of credit goes to the Puretech staffs (Ben, Andy, Virul, Jess and the others) who were extremely nice, patient and accommodating to the customer. I have attended many, many FATs in the last 8 years but this ones was truly an excellent FAT with and extremely pleasant environment. A Special thanks to Ben for taking care of us during our stay, the customer loved his positive attitude and dedication towards the FAT activities.”

SAKA International – Puretech’s agent in Bangladesh following a factory acceptance test (FAT)

“Dear Gentlemen,

Good to see you’re attending Achema ! I like the picture of the skid. It´s almost an artwork. Top-class quality”.


Check out the picture here!

“To say big thank you to you all for working on site safely, being helpful and also the quality of your work.”

Comments were made to us during a current Water for Injection project in the UK, where we’re installing a new RO/CEDI generation system and storage & distribution pipework.

Finally, today we received a call from a life sciences company where we have pharmaceutical grade purified water generation system and an ozone distribution system, saying how impressed they have been with our service teams’ level of commitment and helpfulness since the system has been operational.

Thank you to the Puretech team for their hard work in maintaining our high standards.