The secret of our success – ‘Ikigai’

The Japanese word ikigai (ee-kee-guy) represents a balance among four key factors in achieving fulfilment – passion, expertise, demand, and value. Coincidentally, our success is based on these same four factors.


We collaborate with pharmaceutical, healthcare, hospitals, biopharma facilities and laboratories across the world to help them safely deliver their products and services and to carry out ground-breaking research, ultimately improving and saving the lives of all of us.
We understand the importance of the work our clients do, we are passionate about supporting them to the very best of our abilities – in innovating, in design and in execution. Whether we are taking full design responsibility for a large turnkey project, acting as principal contractor, or simply managing a supply and commission project, we bring the same passion to every project.



As a British engineering company with over three decades of innovating, learning from experiences and listening to customers, Puretech is now respected worldwide as an expert and leading specialist in the field of pharmaceutical-grade water, steam, high purity process gases and process engineering systems. With references in every continent, we are focussed on solving customer problems.


Meeting Demand

We work to anticipate and fulfil the needs of the market. We offer a complete range of pharmaceutical-grade, validated products and services, designed for the specialist sectors we work in. We have the capabilities to design and innovate to create bespoke systems, and we are unique in our ability to deliver both water purification and gas delivery systems. All this means that whether a client needs a single product or a complete integrated system, they can be confident that we can fulfil, and often exceed, their requirements.


Providing Value

We have secured our share of the worldwide market for high purity water and gas systems by providing exceptional solutions with zero compromise on quality, integrity and support.
As a global supplier, we appreciate that there are many unique local standards as well as global standards that our clients must adhere to. We have the enviable flexibility to couple local and global standards with our own exacting standards, to provide unparalleled solutions. By providing effective, specific solutions we provide true value.

These four elements are the pillars of our business. Every Puretech client has the peace of mind of knowing they are investing in a solution designed with real consideration for their needs and created with passion by a company with decades of experience.


If you have a requirement for a water purification or gas delivery system please contact us to begin the conversation. We look forward to hearing from you.