Water treatment and purification equipment

Water treatment and purification equipment Water in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry is the most widely used substance both for production and for washing equipment, containers, or vessels. Water does not exist in the pure form in nature as it has the ability (thanks to its ability to form hydrogen bridges) to absorb, suspend or dissolve various compounds – these need to be removed to produce WPU .

Water for pharmaceutical use is classified according to how the pharmaceutical product is administered to the patient. They are regulated in the various pharmacopoeias (European Pharmacopoeia, United States Pharmacopoeia, Japanese Pharmacopoeia, etc.).

The types of pharmaceutical water are:

  • Purified Water (PW)
  • Highly Purified Water (HPW) (European Pharmacopoeia)
  • Water For Injection (WFI) Pre-treatment

For the production of water for pharmaceutical use, one must always start with potable water according to WHO, the purification of the water to …>>>

Purified Water
The main characteristic of purified water is the low level of contaminants such as: Dissolved organic matter Solids in suspension … >>>